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Welcome to Trizone Electrical Service. We are specialized in every field such as industrial and commercial. We have successfully completed many projects with our quality-controlled works. We have completed our jobs diligently in the industrial sector, commercial sectors, and other infrastructural projects. We are experts in electrification of buildings.

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All Electrical Projects (New Wiring & Rewiring, And Renovation Work)

We are experts in wiring and renovation work for residential and commercial buildings. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure jobs are completed safely and with attention to detail. We offer competitive pricing and promise punctuality, no matter what the project. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Draw Single Line, Testing, Commissioning, LEW Endorsement, And SP Submission

Trizone Electricals is a reliable electrical service provider offering drawing single lines, testing, commissioning, LEW Endorsement, and SP submission services. With an emphasis on quality workmanship and customer service, our experienced electricians are dedicated to creating an efficient and safe experience for all customers.

Electrical Wiring In HDB, CONDO, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Wiring, And Installation Services

At Trizone Electricals, we specialize in providing top-notch electrical wiring and installation services for HDB, CONDO, commercial, and industrial buildings. Our team of certified electricians will customize the electrical plans that are tailored to meet your needs best. Your satisfaction is our priority and we commit to excellence with each client project. Let us help you keep your property safe and efficient today!

Light Installation Services In Singapore

Trizone Electricals offers the best light installation services in Singapore. Our certified electricians are experts in installing a variety of lights – office lights, industrial lighting, street lighting, and LEDs. We use only top-quality components and materials for every installation, ensuring your residential or commercial property is always up to code.

Electrical Troubleshooting (24 Hours Emergency Services)

We are experts in wiring and renovation work for residential and commercial buildings. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure jobs are completed safely and with attention to detail. We offer competitive pricing and promise punctuality, no matter what the project. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Ceiling Fan Repair And Installation

Trizone Electricals is a reliable electrical service provider offering drawing single lines, testing, commissioning, LEW Endorsement, and SP submission services. With an emphasis on quality workmanship and customer service, our experienced electricians are dedicated to creating an efficient and safe experience for all customers.

Telecommunications Wiring & Installation (Intercom)

We offer professional telecommunications wiring and installation services to help improve communication systems in homes. Our experienced technicians can quickly install intercom systems, video doorbells, and other telecommunication equipment for a safe and secure communication experience.

SCV (TV Point) Data (Ethernet) Wiring & Installation

Our technicians are experienced in installing television, audio, video, and data systems. We guarantee professional services at an affordable price and use superior methods to ensure safety while protecting the environment. Contact us today for reliable Ethernet wiring & installation!

Water Heater Installation & Troubleshooting

At Trizone Electricals, our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the entire process. You can be sure that your new water heater is properly installed and maintained. We also offer troubleshooting services to identify potential problems and rectify them as quickly as possible. With our vast knowledge and experience, Water Heater Installation & Troubleshooting is the perfect choice for all of your water heater needs!

Auto Gate And Auto Barrier Servicing

At Trizone Electricals, we provide services for automated security solutions such as automatic gates, barriers, intercoms, and access control systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We also provide maintenance contracts and repairs to ensure full operation at all times.

Power Failure Troubleshooting

Trizone Electricals provides fast and reliable diagnostics and repairs for any type of power failure. Our experienced technicians are trained to work quickly and safely to get your power back on as soon as possible. We offer 24-hour emergency services for life’s emergencies so that you can be confident in our response time and effective resolution when it matters most. Our repair solutions are all energy efficient, ensuring long-term savings and peace of mind.

Parts Replacement

For the best when it comes to parts replacement services, choose Trizone Electricals. Our engineers are highly experienced in providing fast and efficient service and are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to ensure you get the very best. We use only quality parts and have access to repair parts that can’t be found anywhere else. We guarantee excellent customer service and take pride in providing affordable prices for all our services. Trust Trizone Electricals for your next parts replacement service, you won’t find a better experience.

Appliances Repair

At Trizone, we are proud to provide the highest quality Appliance Repair services available. With decades of experience, our team of experts will make sure your needs are met with superior customer service and satisfaction. Our technicians come highly trained and certified, providing reliable repairs that have been rated the best in the city. We understand how important it is for you to have your appliances working like new again, and that’s why we guarantee our work to ensure you get the best service possible. Choose Trizone Electricals today for all your appliance repair needs!

Circuit Breakers

We are dedicated to providing the best possible Circuit Breakers services on the market. We use only the highest quality products and components backed by our years of electrical industry experience. Our process for installing circuit breakers is designed to keep your home or business safe from potential power surges or overloads. We believe that customer service and satisfaction are key to our continued business growth. To ensure you’re getting the very best service and parts, choose Trizone Electricals for your Circuit Breakers services.

Ventilation / Exhaust Fan Installation

Trizone Electricals provides expert ventilation and exhaust fan installation services for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced electricians have the right equipment, experience, and knowledge to install all types of fans in a safe and efficient way. With same-day services available and competitive pricing, you can trust us to provide the best ventilation system solutions to ensure comfortable indoor air quality. Get in touch with us today for perfect fan installation solutions!

Distribution Box Installation

We specialize in distributing electricity safely and efficiently with our box installation services. Our team has expertise in installing long-lasting distribution boxes that are capable of handling any residential or commercial project. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure total satisfaction and service excellence.

EM Lock installation & service (Fingerprint)

We provide top-notch EM Lock installation and service for your security needs. Our fingerprint-enabled EM Locks are designed to provide maximum security and convenience for your business or home. We also offer ongoing maintenance and service to ensure that your EM Lock is always working at its best. With our EM Lock installation and service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is secure and protected. Contact us today to learn more about our EM Lock installation and service options.

Switch Installation

Our team of experienced electricians handles switch installation and services expertly, allowing you to rest easy knowing your electrical needs are in good hands. We understand that safety comes first and will always exceed industry standards for all of our switch installations and services. Get your switch installed quickly and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with quality service from us.

Powerpoint / Socket Installation

Installing power points and sockets can have a major impact on the safety of your home. At Trizone Electricals, our expert electricians are trained to perform the quick and reliable installation of powerpoints and sockets. We use quality components for superior performance, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electrical work is done safely and efficiently.

Light Bulb Replacement

Let us take the hassle out of replacing your light bulbs! Our team of experienced electricians can provide fast, friendly, and affordable light bulb replacements for homes and businesses. We carry a variety of types, sizes, styles, and wattages to ensure that we have the perfect fit or solution for you. Contact us today for an easy, quality replacement experience!

Partial Or Full House Electrical Re-Wiring

Partial or full house electrical re-wiring should be done by a qualified electrician to ensure safety and keep up to code. Re-wiring involves changing wiring and installing new cables, circuit breakers, and outlets for better electricity flow. It can also involve replacing old light fixtures. A comprehensive plan should be in place before any work is started, as re-wiring the wrong way could lead to an unsafe home. So, hire our Trizone Electrical services.

Aircon, TV Points Installation

AirCon and TV points installation is important for creating a comfortable living environment. At Trizone Electricals, we provide the necessary tools and expertise required to ensure your home is properly wired. We will check all wires, cables, and connections to make sure everything is running smoothly and safely. The process typically involves mounting the equipment, connecting the cables, and running electrical tests before finally switching on your appliances.

Fixing Broken Switches, Rectifying Power Point Fault

Faulty switches and power points can be a dangerous risk to safety. To ensure safety it is important to fix broken switches and rectify power point faults quickly. This should involve testing the connections and replacing any broken components, checking the insulation of the wires, making sure the switches are secure and ensuring they meet the required standards of electrical safety. To get the best services, contact our Trizone Electricals.

Installation Of CCTV

Installing CCTV is a great way to put in place adequate security measures for the home or business. As a professional CCTV installation company, we help to install the necessary equipment like cameras, cables, software, and hardware needed to protect an area. We can also provide advice on the best type of cameras and systems depending on your security needs. Contact Us today.

Various Light Replacement And Installation

We at Trizone Electricals offer specialized light replacement and installation services. This includes a wide variety of services such as replacing broken lights, installing new fixtures, replacing bulbs and fittings, and more. Our skilled technicians strive to provide the highest quality services at affordable prices so you can enjoy your home or workspace properly lit up. Whether you need a quick repair or want a complete lighting transformation, Trizone Electricals can help!

Installation Of TV Brackets

Trizone Electricals offers fast and reliable installation of TV brackets. Our experienced technicians are trained to deliver quality services with fast turnaround times, so you can rest assured that your TV will be installed properly in no time. We take extra care to ensure that all fittings meet the highest safety standards and guarantee our workmanship for a period of one year. For an affordable price, we can ensure your wall-mounted entertainment system is secure for years to come.

Installation Of Chandelier

Trizone Electricals specializes in the installation of chandeliers for commercial and residential buildings. Our team of experienced electricians provides quick and efficient installation services according to the highest standards of safety. We have wide experience in installing Chandeliers for different lighting effects in restaurants, hotels, events, etc. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure smooth and fuss-free installation every time. Get in touch with us today for a professional and hassle-free Chandelier installation service!

Commercial Rewiring

Trizoneelectricals specializes in commercial rewiring services. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced to offer safe, efficient electrical solutions tailored to your business needs. We will handle every step of the process, from initial assessment and design to complete installation. Our thorough inspections ensure that all wiring components match the required standards for safety and compliance. Trust Trizone Electricals with your commercial rewiring project today!

Office Electrical Works

We provide quality electrical services for offices. We work with office owners to ensure their electrical systems are up-to-date and efficient. They offer installation and maintenance of lighting, air conditioning, security systems, etc. Professional service is guaranteed from our qualified engineers and technicians, ensuring the hassle-free performance of all electrical work at your office.

Shops And Industrial Electrical Works

We specialize in both industrial and shop electrical works. Their experienced team of professionals can accommodate all types of projects, no matter how small or large. From installations to maintenance and upgrades, they offer top-quality work at competitive prices that fit every budget. We use the latest tools and equipment to ensure safety and reliability with every job we do. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be assured of a successful electric project at Trizone Electricals.

Reinstatement Works

Reinstatement Works by Trizone Electricals provides specialized services for electrical systems reinstatement. Our experienced team takes pride in delivering a range of high-quality, professional, and reliable work that ensures your safety and convenience. We guarantee that all requirements under statutory authority authorities are fully complied with. Get in touch today to request a free quote!

Electrical Inspection

Trizone Electricals offers top-quality electrical inspections on all types of buildings. Our team is certified, experienced, and highly qualified to ensure safety and code compliance. Our massive library of electrical documents, drawings, photos, and other resources helps us quickly find any problems in the system. With our expert services, you can be sure your property meets all national and local standards. Contact us today and let us provide you with a comprehensive electrical inspection report at a competitive price.

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